The perfect yoga pant!

What actually is yoga specific wear? There must be a clarity on it. The traditional yoga wear includes loose clothes which allows for proper ventilation. And of course people in India wear them while practising. Now if you are looking at yoga wear from the western perspective of tight fitting sports gear, then definitely it’s not the actual wear. you follow a serious training program you can see what is recommended.

First of all, if you are thinking this is the right yoga wear,you are so wrong.

This is.

The whole point of yoga is the delicate movement of pranic energy in such a way that the one who performs it will create a perfect balance in the energies, bodily, psychologically and more. This kind of energy movements are facilitated only by wearing comfortable, loose clothes. If you are going to continue doing yoga in your tight pants, please stop it right now. Not just that you won’t get the benefits out of it but it may harm you badly. Yoga is not just a fancy exercise. But a whole lot of Americans took it up as one and are messing up with it. Largely, West is known for its importance to physicality and that is exactly what they are turning yoga into. Yoga studios are more like dance studios now with mirrors and tightly-clad men and women! It is baffling because that is exactly  what it is not supposed to be. Yoga is to get you beyond the physical dimension of body and mind, but now you are just drawing it back with the “looking good” dimension that you added to it. So why Indians won’t wear specific clothes, because our normal wear is loose and comfortable and already perfect for yoga.

Amrutha Ranjani Amrutha Ranjani, Born an Indian but striving to live like one.
The origins of yoga begin in India and the clothing used by yogis was  always that of normal loose fitting dress adapted to the Indian sub-continent temperatures.  Yogi’s were often simple renunciates, gosains, sadhus and  performers who used a specific type of Indian traditional underwear  called lungoti in Hindi and wore a dhoti (long dress) over it. Beyond  this there is no specific clothes suggested.