Why do people tend to sleep more than being awake?

You become unconscious and unaware of anything that is causing you stress. Plus, you can enjoy dreaming. Even though you are not a lucid dreamer so you will not aware that if you are dreaming while I’m dreaming, they’re entertaining and you would like waking up and thinking through what the heck just happened in them.

Sometimes, sleeping is the best way to forget the pain that you’re feeling (children do this often after they cry) or how sleeping can cause time to fly quickly. Sleeping is a good medicine of happiness.

When some people sleep, they dream about growing wings and flying to faraway places, having an awesome field trip to the Moon, getting a 4.0, hanging out with a deceased friend, shooting villains and becoming hero myself.

It keeps many people aloof from all kinds of tensions related to the reality and makes them being at the places or at the phases that they love to dream about themselves.Sleeping just makes someone empty minded rather than been awake and bothered about an unnecessary thing.