Most Innovative Android Apps

Everyone knows about famous android apps and download them on their new phone each time they buy a new one. But do you know some of the most innovative android apps which are not much known , but very useful and interesting. Here goes the list.

Smart Phone Lock – Intelligent Phone Locking which no one can guess

Now feel safe with Pranksters, Kids and Nosy friends. Try this smart phone lock, after which your your phone PIN changes every minute, And the best part, you don’t have to remember it.

How it works ?

  • If current time is 3:40, then your lock screen’s PIN will be 0340.
  • If current time is 3:40, offset is +5 minutes, then your lock screen’s PIN will be 0345.
  • If current time is 3:40 and reverse pin is ON, then your lock screen’s PIN will be 0430.

Great features of this app

  • Let you hide the app icon, so that friend do not know you are using this app.
  • Allow you to set password, every time you reset the app settings.

Glympse – Share Your Real Time Location On Map

Suppose you are on your way on a movie and every time your friends are calling to know about your whereabouts.You can send a Glympse to those friends and they can track you in real time on the map. You can set the time period for which you want to share your real time time location with your selected friends.

  • Set the Duration for which you want to be tracked
  • Set the location where you are going to reach
  • Select the recipients who need to track you.

Hit enter and boom. Your real time tracking begins.

Photomath – Solve Math equations by Taking Pictures of Problem

Solve complex math equations and large calculations by just taking a Picture via this app. It supports quadratic equations and inequalities problems also. You can also check history of past solved math problems by the app. Add to it, it also give steps of solving the problem.

Note for Students – Use it for Legal Purpose Only

Lock Me Out – Get rid of your smartphone addiction

Trouble fighting with your smart Phone addiction , there is an interesting app for that which will let you see and feel the organic beautiful world out there.

Just set the time duration for which you lock yourself out. It will lock your phone with only minimal basic phone features enabled like calling, receiving and camera. After the set time period it automatically ends the lock.

Clone Camera – Clone Yourself Multiple times in Your Photo

You can take few of your pics at a place and combine it in a single photo that looks amazing.

Walkie – Wake up by a Stranger call

“Hi, i am calling to wake you up,” I said a little awkwardly.
“Thanks. Where are you from?” replied a female voice

“I am from UK. You are from Ireland, right?”

“How can you tell?”

“The flag at the top of the screen.”

Thats Walkie, the Social Alarm Clock in action. Just set Your alarm at walkie and it will connect you with a random stranger across the world. The call is connected for full one minute, and the anonymity of the persons on both side of the phone is maintained. Its a beautiful and innovative way to start your day with a complete stranger.

Dormie – Turn Your Old Android Phone into a Baby Monitor

Now this is cool. Everyone has an old android set and he don’t have a clue what to do with it. Now, this app provide the best way to use your old phone. If you are a parent, then install it on your phone and your old phone and monitor your baby live with this baby monitor from anywhere.

Anti theft – Catch your Phone intruder or Thief

When someone steals or intrude your Phone, he will try to unlock it for sure. Once he enters wrong patterns. This app will secretly email you pictures and location of the crook. You can also format or track your phone with this app.

Sky Map – Open Sourced Sky map Donated By google

Unified Remote – Control Your PC with Your Phone

A great tool if you are watching movies or listening to music via your laptop. It convert your android phone into a remote for your laptop.

Features –

  • You can clone your computer screen to your phone
  • You can lock, turn off or on your PC via phone
  • Browse files on your PC via your Phone

Wi Fi file Transfer

PC and phones are two equally important devices in our lives and we always transfer files over these two devices daily. Either we have to transfer music, movie or softwares from PC to Phone Or we have to transfer pics , documents etc. from Phone to PC. Now, With this device, you can transfer easily files from one device to another over wi-fi.

LokLok – Synchronized Lock screen messaging system

This app lets you draw figures, messages on your lock screen to send it to your friends. Your friend, will see this first whenever he will reach his phone. Now, with this app you do not need to unlock your phone and open an application to communicate with your friends.

Shazm – Find out which song is playing

Sometimes you listen to a track somewhere and you love it , but you don’t know the title of the song or about the song so that you can find it again. Shazm comes to your rescue in this case. It just recognize the song which is playing.

Duolingo – Learn New Languages in Most Interesting way]

Duolingo is the fastest growing website to easily learn new languages. Now they have an android app also to learn new languages for free on the go.

Also, some business apps also must for remote management of the business. One of them is LMS i.e. Lead Management System. Recently launched for Automobile industry. Serving soon the industries like retails and services.