Does Google and Facebook recruit non IITs?

The simple, sweet answer to this question is a big YES.

Google and Facebook both already recruited many of students who were not from IIT’s, NIT’s, IIIT’s and any state level good institutes.

This is the list of already got selected geeks:

1. Anil Neerukonda (Institute of Technological Science, Vishakapatnam)
2. Vipin Kumar Kashyap (Chaitainya Bharathi Institute of Technology Hyderabad)
3. Pranshu Shrivastava (IEC College of Engineering and Technology Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India)

This is just a list of some names but yes it’s very much TRUE fact that they both companies hire the associates who are really capable to do their work.
No matter from which college you have been passed out at the end only quality does matter for every employer.

So the bottomline is being an IITian or so is definitely a very “BIG +”, but that is not the only criteria. Basically they have a very high bar while recruiting people and if you have the animal in you, you are in.

Balaji Viswanathan, VP of Products at Invento – changing engineering education in India.

Be a super awesome developer who can build complex software.

That’s it. If you can prove that you have that, your college degree doesn’t matter at all. In fact, I won’t even care if you never went to college. I recently hired a person at 10x the wage level you asked in the question. His college degree never even came into the picture [Of course CompSci degrees from older IITs would get a slighter edge].

Skills needed:

  1. Amazing problem solving skills – Were you a part of your college’s ACM ICPC team? If not, what programming contests have you participated? What is your TopCoder level? How many coding challenges do you solve a week?  Do you really, really, really enjoy solving coding challenges? Top notch software companies want to hire those folks who are taking the challenges as though they are renting a movie. They want folks who love to complete those challenges.
  2. Can you speak algorithms? – Can you spend an evening with CLRS & think of it as fun? I mean can you think in terms of algorithms & complexities when it comes to building your solution. Can you look at both the forest and the trees with different sets of lenses?
  3. Experience building complex stuff  – What are the previous projects you have built? 2 decades ago developers who want to work on complex projects have to wait to get hired into major enterprises. Now, you can do that right through GitHub. It is an amazing opportunity available for freshers. How many GitHub projects have you contributed to? What are the other projects have you built? Top software companies look for developers who will keep building & fixing projects & tools just for kicks.
  4. Basic Managerial skills – How well can you work in team? How well can you communicate the issues you found to others in the team & the upper management? How well are your writing skills? Engineers who can communicate well often gain a high premium on wages.

If you think you have the above skillsets, get on sites like Hackerrank and solve their challenges. Many companies recruit through them. Also, if you are really active on GitHub and on your local developer forums you will get the high visibility needed to get infront of a hiring manager.

This is the best time ever to be a developer. Be someone who can solve complex challenges & companies would steal you without paying any attention to where your degrees come from.